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Hotel Barceló La Bobadilla *****

Surrounded by nature, you will find yourself in the Andalusian heart

"Located near Loja and 70-kms from Granada, in the heart of Andalusia, this is a hotel inspired by its surroundings. Built in the style of a traditional Mediterranean village, the resort is made up of a cluster of white-washed houses, sun-dappled courtyards and breezy sitting areas under brick-vaulted arches. The presidential suites even echo aspects of the Alhambra fort and nearby Mosque of Cordoba. The sprawling estate is also a pioneer when it comes to eco-awareness in the region. The hotel uses a thermal biomass system in place of gas, drastically reducing CO2 emissions. Naturally, the area is a playground for outdoor activities, including quad biking, mountain biking and trekking, though foodies are equally entertained thanks to caviar and olive oil tastings that can be arranged at the hotel's gourmet restaurant, La Finca."

The hotel provides a special type of luxury. It is a symbol of the Slow Travel trend, that invites the traveller to forget about itineraries and clocks, and just relax and connect with the setting. The idea is to stay in a single destination for various days and read, get a taste of the local culture, walk, picnic and, in short, let yourself be swept along by a rich and restorative routine.

A most exclusive stay in this hotel is complemented by its large expanse of gardens and swimming pool, a modern spa with all types of treatments, padle tennis courts and a large range of outdoor sporting activities. The spectacular enclave and the luxurious facilities also turn every wedding into an extraordinary event, surrounded by the gardens, restaurants and a fabulous chapel. This space can also be adapted to accommodate events and meetings, with multi-purpose, modern function rooms.

  • A paradise for nature lovers, where the activities are endless, accompanied by endless rest.