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When History and Stories meet


From all the memories, a night in a parador in Spain is likely to stand out. After all, this is a unique chance to discover Castles, Palaces, Convents, Monasteries, Fortresses and other historic buildings in small medieval towns and villages first inhabited long ago - always, with a high standard of service.

These places are part of the Spanish heritage, and that was taken into account in their adaptation to the modern demands of comfort and well-being. There are over 90 paradores, found in some of the most beautiful corners of Spain: from Galicia in the North to Andalusia in the South, also in the Canary Islands and in Ceuta and Melilla, the two Spanish cities in North Africa.

If you wish to relive tales through its buildings full of history and stories, while enjoying a thoughtful and historical stay... welcome!

This is a unique opportunity to embark in the most fascinating journey through the culture of Spain and discover its traditions, arts and people, to set off into some of its rural regions and inspire an atmosphere with no equal.