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Festivities in Spain

A lesson on living with passion

You must experience Spain during one of its festivities - your life will thank you. And you need to live it like a Spaniard, with a unique love for life, celebration and love. Ernest Miller Hemingway, himself a lover, a fighter and a traveller, discovered its first obsession in Pamplona. He came for the festivity of San Fermín, the city's famed fiesta of “bullfighting and brutality, drink and song”, and he made it not famous... but immortal.

 Still, you don’t need to consider this Navarre small city as your only option, far from it. “Ferias”, as they’re called, take place all over the country, throughout the year: from the “Tomatina”, where you must be mentally prepared to think only in red tomatoes for a day, to the “Feria de Abril”, the best known fair celebrated in Andalusia, held a week or two after the Holy Week, or the Holy Week itself, “Semana Santa”, lived in Spain in a unique, intense, universal way. These are not all the Spanish Festivities, our intention is just to place a little seed on your mind, but we urge you to discover more.

And then, you just need to tell us what do you want to live, when and how, and we’ll do our best to make sure your best expectations are surpassed.