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We are Tours For You Spain. We provide tailor made, original and unforgettable experiences in Spain.

Travel is about discovery, amazement and Trust

Do it, feel Spain. Discover passion, sophistication and the art of good living beyond the stereotype. This is a country more diverse than you probably ever imagined and we at Tours For You Spain can help in your discovery.

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Travel is about discovery, amazement and Trust

Discover Spain

Experience a country like no other. Starting by being a lot of “countries”.

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Our private tours are designed not only to be a memorable experience, but your memorable experience. Our offer is designed to meet your expectations - perhaps even surpass them!

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places to stay

We believe this selection is more than a integral part of the entire "Spanish experience": they're an experience by themselves, one that will entirely fulfill your needs… whatever those are.

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other ideas

There’s always something else - and this is it. Well, this is a part of it - if you come back tomorrow there’s something different. If you wish to dive directly into the heart of Spain, this may be it.

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    "See, capture and create compelling narratives in a friendly and relaxed ambiance whilst enjoying the beautiful sceneries Spain has to offer."

    Alberto Saro
    Insider Photographer
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    "Barcelona will surprise you in all its senses, from its art to its local life."

    Rocio Gutierrez
    Barcelona Insider
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    "Madrid will surprise you from its people, gastronomy and life. My favourite thing is enjoying a day at the beautiful gourmet markets all over the city."

    Alfonso Santos
    Insider Madrid Expert
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    “The Basque Country is where I grew up, where I started as a mountaineer….now is my chance to give something back to this land, show the world its magic and culture”

    Edurne Pasaban
    Adventure & Basque Country Insider

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