Walking Running of the Bulls (1/2 day)

With this stroll, you can discover all the corners of the itinerary of the San Fermín "encierro" as well as its history and anecdotes. The origin of the Sanfermines festival is a cattle fair that took place in the Middle Ages at the beginning of July. It was the most important fair in the kingdom and bullfighting celebrations were also held there (the oldest surviving data date from the 14th century). The festivities of San Fermín are currently held from July 6th to 14th. The route of the encierro has changed throughout the years, and in its origin, the bullfight took place in the Plaza del Castillo. The guided tour will begin at the Church of San Lorenzo, where the Chapel of San Fermín and the image of the saint that goes out in procession every July 7th are located. From the walls of the city you can see the Corralillos del Gas, a place where all the bulls that will fight in the fiestas are gathered. From there, you will continue to the Corrales de Santo Domingo, where the bulls spend the previous night to the "running". You can walk the 850 meters of route from there to the Pamplona's Bullring. On the way you can stop at the Town Hall Square, where every July 6th begins the race with the launch of the rocket ("Chupinazo"), and where every July 14th all the people from Pamplona meet with burning candles to say goodbye to the party singing the "Poor me" song. You can also see the monument to the "encierro" and the monument to Hemingway, to finish at the Plaza del Castillo, the main center of the city where the famous Café Iruña is located, named several times by the American writer in his novel "Fiesta".

Tour Duration: Up to 4 hours (indicative only and adaptable)