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Castillo de Arteaga ****

A place full of history that deserves to be visited

"Eugenio Bonaparte, Napoleon the III’s son, was named native of Biscay by the General Assembly of Biscay in 1856. Thanks to this, Arteaga tower, built in the 13th century, remained important for the future. Eugenia de Montijo, the Emperor's wife, was Arteaga’s plot owner and she decided to rebuild the damaged castle, in order to show her gratitude for that honor.

That way, a neo-medieval palace was built in Arteaga’s exceptional area. It was a neogothic fortified tower inspired by French Gothic architecture. It was also influenced by Romanticism recovery. It still keeps that predominant and majestic image above Gernika’s estuary. It’s an imperial residence in a privileged landscape."

  • "A castle where the ornamental and decorative elements are still preserved nowadays. They maintain the essence and the atmosphere of forgotten ages."