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Tapas Walking Tour Madrid (1/2 Day)

The legend locates the origin of Tapas in the Middle Ages; one of the legends attributes it to Alfonso X “the Wise”, who established that in the mesons of Castile wine would not be served if it was not accompanied by a portion of food, to reduce the effects of alcohol. Another gives merit to Fernando the Catholic when he stopped at a sale in Cadiz to take a jug of wine and demanded that they cover it with some sausage so that no flies or dust would enter...

Nowadays, going out to take tapas is part of the DNA of the Spaniards. And it also turns out to be a good testbed for the best chefs in Spain. What better way to enjoy the exquisite tapas than with our specialized local guide who will show you a great part of the lifestyle of Madrid? During this gastronomic tour, you will get to know some modern taverns, other traditional taverns, or simply one of the new markets, such as San Miguel where the offer of tapas and select products is endless. Have a beer, a regional wine or a vermouth with each tapa and enjoy this original way of having your lunch or dinner.