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Esquivias, Consuegra & Toledo (1 Day)

It will take about 45 minutes from Madrid to Esquivias.

This full-day tour will take you into some of the most impactful towns in the La Mancha area, relevant from both landscape and historical perspectives, as well as some of its handicrafts and famous traditions. Our conduit will by the ink left in Cervantes' pages as we let his quill be our guide, and we promise you that you will feel just like Don Quijote going across the hills with his companion Sancho Panza and his noble steed Rocinante.  

Upon arrival to Esquivias, town of incredible beauty and famous for its connection with Miguel de Cervantes, you will visit the house and museum where Cervantes lived with his wife Catalina, as well as the Church of la Asunción where the marriage of this celebrated couple took place, home to some of the most incredible religious art that can be found in the country.  

Continuing down the path of Cervantes, we will be approaching Consuegra, located 1 hour from Esquivias. This is a land of imposing windmills, that Don Quijote so famously mistook for monsters. Here, we will visit the interior of one of these large structures, as well as the walls of its remarkable castle, a place from where we can catch a glimpse of the town's fabulous narrow streets. After a delicious local lunch and before we leave Consuegra we will be entering the world of leather, by visiting an award-winning local manufacturer whose workshop continues to impress not only because of the quality of the product but also for the passion for the craft demonstrated by the artisans.   

We saved the best for last, with a panoramic tour of the imperial city, Toledo, located on the way back to Madrid, just 1 hour from the capital. The moment you go across the Puente de Alcantara you will enjoy a panoramic view of historical sites such as the Alcázar, the Gothic Cathedral or the Jewish Quarter. In Toledo, you will have the opportunity to visit some damascene artisan workshop. This incredible art form has reinvented the inlaying of different metals into one another, creating the most exotic patterns and shapes of international fame.

During the day, our local guide will suggest you the best place to have your lunch according to your tastes. The recipes from La Mancha are delicious!

After the excursion, our driver will take you back to Madrid.