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Full-day Visit French Basque Region from San Sebastian

Enjoy a great full day tour to the French Basque Region starting from Saint Jean de Luz, 34 km from San Sebastian, this town has a long and colorful history. It was an important point on the coastal pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela, and became rich in the 16th century from fishing and whaling. Piracy, backed by the French King, further added to the town’s wealth and many of the fine houses in the town were built on the proceeds from this piracy. The finest moment' for the town was in 1660, when Louis XIV married Marie-Thérèse of Spain in the town church - the Basque church of St John the Baptist - following the signing in 1659 of the 'Treaty of the Pyrenees' between France and Spain. This blocked up church doorway at St Jean de Luz church followed the wedding of Louis XIV and Marie-Thérèse - the doorway where they had left the church was blocked up, to ensure that anyone else could pass by the same doorway. We will then continue to Biarritz, a small coastal town on the Bay of Biscay 20 km from St Jean de Luz. We will find an interesting mixture of cultures and traditions. We will stroll around the city from the Russian Orthodox Church built for visiting 19th Century nobility with its glorious blue dome. The famous old promenade along the Grande Plage leads us past the Casino Barriere with a fine art deco ceiling and floor, the peaceful old square Place Ste-Eugenie and the Museum of the Sea. Finally, we will go back to San Sebastian. If you want, we can organise an aperitif at the famous Du Palais Hotel Terrace.

Tour Duration: 8 hours (indicative only and adaptable)