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Electric Bike & Wine tour

Along the coast from Barcelona to Serralada Natural Park you will pedal along the coast on a comfortable Mercedes Benz Smart E-bike for around 1 hour, with stopover time to refresh yourself taking a bath or a vermouth drink.

Then reach a family-run organic winery. Once there, you will visit the cellar and will have the chance to stroll along the vineyards, where you will learn everything there is to know about the winemaking process of a winery that has wines on the lists of some of the most prestigious restaurants all over the world.

There, you won’t only get to learn about their prestigious production and clientele, but also get the chance to taste three very different wines presented to you by one of the cellar’s professional sommeliers. After a relaxing morning and tasting, you will return to Barcelona by train and enjoy the same views you joined in the morning ride.

Tour Duration:5h30 hours (indicative only and adaptable)