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Tapas Tour (1/2 Day)

Seville is one of the cities with the most bars per capita in the world. Knowing exactly where going or finding the best tapa is difficult without the help of a well-informed local guide. Enjoying the best tapas is almost an art, a mixture of luck and local knowledge. With this gastronomic tour, you can "go out for tapas" in Seville, like a Sevillian.

The sun, siesta and sangria are the Spanish topics, but this tour takes you beyond the clichés. We take you to discover the gastronomic heart of Seville so that you live a unique experience. From tender recipes to modest groceries, with shelves full of conserve cans, there are no two tapas routes alike, but all will discover traditional places and the most avant-garde ones. In addition to the food, they will combine each tapa with the wine that best pairing, from the traditional whites and regional reds to the well-known Sherry wine from Jerez.