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who we are

Tours For You Spain

We're an Incoming Tour Operator and D.M.C. (Destination Management Company) to Spain and Portugal, focused in developing charming, luxury & experimental travel services. In one word, we aim for “unique”.

We're a branch of Tours for You Portugal, founded in 2003, and we’ve became a Virtuoso On-Site to Portugal in January 2008. We were nominated 3 years in a row as the organizer of one of the best 5 Virtuoso Voyager Club Events in the entire World (more than 100 Top Class DMCs participate in these events). In 2014, Virtuoso nominated us as one of the best 5 On-Site Providers in the World. We’re also the only Ensemble Travel Group On-Location to Portugal, as well as for American Express Crafted Journeys Program, Traveller Made and Travel Leaders Group

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Part of the team of Tours For You Spain

Tours For You Spain was born out of dedication and recognition, and we share the same operating principles as Tours For You: a blend between quality and creativity, supported in the ability to adapt any journey or moment of discovery to “you”, your personality and needs.

Our Team

Nuno Tavares
Owner & CEO

Engineer by Education, loves to create and undertake with precision and perfection all his projects, having always a watchful eye on the beauty surrounding. Therefore, Spain did not get unnoticed, it pulled him in… and he could not resist to its charm.

Pablo Calvo
Spain Manager

Graduated in History of Art and Master Degree in Cultural Heritage Management, he has been knowing every corner in Spain for years. Nowadays, he focuses his passion for his country in arranging the best available experiences for travelers visiting the Iberian Peninsula and showing its “hidden highlights”.

Ana Rodrigues
Sub-Director of Operations

With a Master Degree in Tourism Destinations, the interest for tourism started when she was a child and became a passion, especially for Spain, its culture and their people.

Rita Figueiredo
Private Travel Consultant

Graduated in Tourism Information, believes that travelling is a way of personal enrichment. One of her favourite destinations is Spain, where the people are warm and have so much to offer.

Tiago Falcão
Private Travel Consultant

Graduated in Tourism Information, with years of experience working with the Spanish market, he is truly enamored of its millennia old traditions, unique gastronomy as well as the passion and pride that constitute the hallmarks of this fantastic country.

Penélope Lima
Private Travel Consultant

Graduated in Fashion Design and after a several experiences on the Hospitality and Tourism sector she starts feeling passionate of sharing with the world, Portugal enchantments. She also considers Spain as a “must” go destination, with a warm and monumental culture, delicious flavors, and diversity.

Sónia Pinto
Private Travel Consultant

Graduated in Sociology with a Master Degree in Anthropology, she worked for an airline and also as guest relations at a guesthouse in Lisbon and as a travel designer. She’s passionate for music and literature and loves to communicate with people from different origins while sharing her taste for Portuguese culture and landscape.

Edgar Rodrigues
Private Travel Consultant

Graduated in Tourism, with postgraduate in Tour Guiding. Early began to discover Spain, and it's fascinating natural and monumental heritage. But it was as a Tour Guide that he developed experience by accompanying travellers to the most incredible places in Spain, full of authenticity and tradition!

Sónia Ribeiro
Financial Controller

Graduated in Business Administration. Has developed her professional activity in the financial area of multinational companies but it’s in Tours For You Spain that she discovered the pleasure to account the transactions regarding the magnificent tours of our customers from Spain.

"Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow."
Anita Desai

We believe that nobody knows someone better than its neighbor - and Spain is Portugal’s neighbor, we have a shared history, a common path, a similar Latin spirit. For many years, we’ve visited Spain. We’ve lived in Spain. We discovered its secrets, its quirks, its most discrete beauty. Now, we’re ready to share all we know with you.

And offer you a most amazing journey!