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El Escorial & Segovia (1 Day)

It will take about 1 hour from Madrid to El Escorial.

On this excursion, you can visit two of the most important places in Spain. We begin by visiting the Escorial, starting from the Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo, built by King Felipe II in the sixteenth century. The Renaissance complex combines a palace and a monastery and presents a wonderful collection of art. You will visit the Pantheon of the Kings, the basilica and the library while discovering the history of Spain. At the end of the visit to this marvel of architecture and arts, we will go to Segovia, passing near the Valley of the Fallen and the great monument to the victims of the Spanish Civil War, famous for its magnificent cross 150 meters high in the mountain's top.

Upon arrival in Segovia, we will begin the tour through the old quarter of Segovia with the impressive view of its Roman aqueduct, considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Within the walls of the city, you can visit the Cathedral, called "the lady of the cathedrals" and one of the last Gothic buildings to be erected in Spain.

You can also take a walk in the Caballeros neighborhood and admire the various manor houses, as well as the fantastic palaces of noble families. Finally, from the magnificent Fortress of the Alcázar, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the landscape of Segovia.

Our guide will suggest the best option for your lunch. Do not miss the typical roast suckling pig in Segovia!

After the excursion, our driver will take you back to Madrid.