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Pintxo Tasting Tour San Sebastian (1/2 day)

The pintxos (Basque tapas or pieces of food) abound in the "old town" of San Sebastian, but the hard part is knowing what to order and in what places. There are thousands of pintxos in hundreds of bars and taverns. Although eating badly in this city is difficult, when looking for the richest, freshest and most surprising pintxo, it helps to have the experience of a local expert. Our guide will show you what the gastronomy of the city has to offer. They will enter the gastronomic heart of the city and live an evening of food and drink as they have never had before. From fresh prawns or squid, to succulent beef or pork tenderloins, the pintxos tour changes every night and includes the perfect combination of the most traditional and the most modern pieces of food. In addition, each of the pintxos is accompanied by the perfect pairing, from fresh cider to white and red wines.

Includes: Up to 5-6 pintxo bars, all food & wine, local culinary bilingual guide.

Tour Duration: 2h30(lunch)/3h00(dinner) (indicative only and adaptable)