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Full-day Cider House Experience from San Sebastian

In our full day tour, we will start by travelling to the outskirts of San Sebastian to the Sagardotegi, a typical old farmhouse where cider was produced. The production of cider has a long history in the Basque Country, going all the way back to the 11th century. The sagardotegi was originally where locals would go to buy cider and they would typically take a meal with them so they didn’t drink on an empty stomach. This eventually developed into the tradition of the sagardotegi functioning as a restaurant and a place for social gatherings. The cider comes from giant wooden barrels (kupelas), which are opened periodically when someone yells “Txotx!” The cider shoots out and must be caught several meters away and as close to the ground as possible. This is done for aeration purposes and its incredibly fun. The entire sagardotegi experience is one that shouldn’t be missed and could easily be the highlight of any trip to the Basque Country. Founded in 1979, this family of cider house has a long line of tradition of cider making. Located in a beautiful village and surrounded by their own grown apple trees, produces about 300,000 liters of cider a year, to be savored in its facilities throughout the year. Here you will enjoy the local ambiance where we will also enjoy a fabulous rural meal.

Tour Duration: 4 hours (only for dinner time) (indicative only and adaptable)