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Tarragona & Sitges (1 day)

It will take about 1h20 from Barcelona to Tarragona.

With this tour we are going to mix the ancient Roman Tarragona with the coastal and cosmopolitan city of Sitges. We will travel through time and retrace the steps of the Roman gladiators. Meet in the same place where the floats passed, walk through the magnificent Roman aqueduct, and stroll through the "old town", with its impressive cathedral.

From Barcelona we will go to the city of Tarragona, upon arrival you can see from your vehicle the impressive Roman aqueduct with 2,000 years old, known locally as "El Pont del Diable" (Devil's Bridge). This piece is from the ancient history of Rome and is perfectly preserved. More than 200 meters long and almost 30 meters high, it is one of the hidden gems of the area. This is a rare opportunity to walk off the vulgar paths and visit one of the most amazing architectural wonders of Catalonia.

Upon your arrival in the center of Tarragona, former Roman capital of the Iberian Peninsula with the name of "Tarraco Imperialis", you will begin your "Archeological Walk". You can admire the stone walls that survive over the centuries and travel throughout the historic center before stopping at the cathedral.

From there, we continue walking through the old town to discover the Roman Forum and the nearby Roman Circus hidden in the middle of urban design. During your visit you can walk through the underground corridors that supported the circus stands. Then, get to one of the most popular squares in the old city: Plaça de la Font, located inside of what was the Roman circus. Finally, you will reach one of the most spectacular views of the archaeological scene of Tarragona, the Roman amphitheater, known throughout the world.

After visiting the imperial city, they will go to Sitges, a quiet fishing village that today has a long beach, boutiques and a handful of places of interest. Sitges has been fashionable since the 1890s, when it became a space of great interest for avant-garde art. Get lost in its narrow streets and enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere, with old fishermen's houses, marinas, and an exquisite gastronomy, which gathers, on the other hand, the most representative dishes of the Catalan coast and creates exquisite recipes like the xató.

After the excursion, our driver will take you back to Barcelona.

Tour Duration: 10 hours (indicative only and adaptable)