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Tour Alhambra & Generalife Granada (1/2 Day)

Located on the top of a strategic hill overlooking Granada, the citadel of the Alhambra shows a collection of lush gardens and magical palaces, the only royal residences of an Islamic dynasty still standing since the Middle Ages. The patios, where the water is omnipresent, and the walls covered by refined geometric and floral motifs, recreate in a codified way the image of the Garden of Eden.

During this private visit, our guide, expert in Islamic art, will explain the secrets and symbols contained in these palaces worthy of the Arabian nights: the mathematical achievements, the philosophical concepts and the metaphors of the poems carved on the walls, a reflection of all a civilization

You will be led through a labyrinth of opulent corridors, where you will find profusely decorated areas, such as the noble dome in the Hall of the Abencerrajes or colorful tiles with inscriptions on the walls of the Hall of Ambassadors. When leaving the Nasrid palaces, you can walk through the Generalife Gardens, a place of leisure and recreation for the Moorish kings of Granada, where you can enjoy a wide variety of flowers and fountains.