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La Alhambra & Jewish Quarter (1/2 Day)

This is a perfect tour for travellers who decide to base their visit on the Jewish aspect of Granada's capital without missing the majestic complex of La Alhambra.

The citadel of La Alhambra shows a collection of magical palaces, the only royal residences of an Islamic dynasty that have remained standing since the Middle Ages. They recreate in a codified way the image of the Garden of Eden and the beauty of the palaces of King Solomon.

After a two-hour stroll across the Alhambra palaces and gardens, you will walk to the lower part of Granada to visit the Jewish Quarter, with our guide. You could have a stroll around the Realejo quarter. After the death of Habús ben Maksan, second Zirí king, Muslims and Jews lived alternating stages of peace and conflict.

The latter remained in their own 'ghetto' until the arrival of the Christians, who, after the Taking of Granada, expelled all the Sephardim from their settlement. They destroyed the synagogue and the main buildings and began to repopulate the neighbourhood with Christian settlers. Garnata al-Yahud was ended and the Realejo district was created.

The Realejo underwent a very deep urban remodelling after the abandonment of its Jewish community; to a greater or lesser extent, its structure changed, especially in the lower part. But what he has not left behind is his essence as a Jewry; steep and narrow streets, some of them even staggered. Nowadays it is a cosmopolitan neighbourhood, where people of very different origins coexist, with Grenadians 'of those of all the life'. But what most attracts the attention of this neighbourhood is the life that oozes.